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“Warren has a lovely, lyrical style, and though Serenata de la Sirena is all over the map (literally) stylistically, it also has a nice, unified feel to it, and a certain internal coherence that lets his own tunes sit so comfortably next to Baden Powell (nice choices!) or whomever. Kudos as well to your engineer/mixer Don Godwin. As a longtime writer/editor at Mix magazine, I’m very familiar with Airshow’s well-earned reputation and, if I may say so, I know good sound when I hear it. Nice work!”

— Blair Jackson, editor of Classical Guitar magazine

"This American guitarist-composer, who traditionally has specialized in playing works by Latin and South American composers, has self-produced a CD of nine homespun pieces mixed with five other works. Warren’s title track is warm and Latin in style, with a nice melody and harmonies. Leo Brouwer’s arrangement of “Drume Negrita” follows, with a new interlude composed by Warren, and a couple of other moments where he deviates, in an improvisatory way, from the printed score… Antonio Lauro’s short “La Catira” is a rarity that Warren plays very well. There are also two pieces by Baden Powell: “Berceuse a Jussara” is a work I had not heard before—Warren dispatches it with an almost jazz-like touch that suits the piece nicely; and “Afro Sambas” is complex and highly rhythmic through-out… The rest of the works are Warren’s. “Nisene” is a complex, patterned, arpeggiated, piece."

Classical Guitar magazine, Winter 2016

Several tracks from Serenata de la Sirena have been played on WAMU's Capital Soundtrack; Frank Dominguez' Concierto program on WDAV/Charlotte; and more than 50 affiliated NPR stations.